JHAB – 2 Scheduled to Launch Oct 8th

Our second launch of the JHAB Project is scheduled to launch on Oct 8th at 14:00 Zulu (6 am).

The goals of JHAB 2 are ambitious:

  • Capture the Sunrise by launching pre-dawn – Sunrise is schedule to be at 06:50. If we launch on time, at 50 minutes, JHAB should be around 57K feet, and hopefully capture some amazing sunrise images.
  • A second canon a495 camera has been added to the payload pointing downward.
  • The GoPro has been fitted with the extra battery pack to attempt to capture the entire flight

We are going to be launching from Shapell Park 33.8790 -117.7772 at 06:00, and the predicted impact area will be in the Murrieta valley, 53km (33miles) from launch.

JHAB 2 Flight Prediction

JHAB 2 Flight Prediction

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